Genelynx : A portal to the human genome


Genelynx represents a cutting-edge resource that not only provides access to the human genome but also offers a plethora of tools and features for in-depth analysis and interpretation of genetic data. At its core, Genelynx houses a vast repository of genomic sequences, annotations, and functional information, meticulously curated and updated to reflect the latest advancements in genomics research. This rich dataset serves as the foundation for a range of analytical tools and visualizations that allow users to explore the genome at various levels of detail.

One of the key features of Genelynx is its ability to facilitate the identification and annotation of genetic variants. Users can easily query the database to retrieve information about specific genetic variations, including their location within the genome, allele frequencies, and potential functional impacts. This functionality is particularly valuable for researchers studying the genetic basis of diseases, as it allows them to quickly identify candidate variants for further investigation.

In addition to variant analysis, Genelynx also offers tools for exploring gene expression patterns and regulatory networks. Users can access data from a variety of sources, including RNA-seq experiments and chromatin immunoprecipitation studies, to gain insights into the regulation of gene expression and the interplay between different genetic elements. This information can be crucial for understanding how genes are regulated in health and disease, as well as for identifying potential therapeutic targets.

Overall, Genelynx represents a powerful tool for genomics research, offering a comprehensive suite of features for exploring and analyzing the human genome. By providing access to a wealth of genomic data and analytical tools, Genelynx is helping to drive forward our understanding of genetics and its role in human health and disease.

Quick Search


 "Combine terms with" option. Currently the query is separated into words, and some characters (punctuation, brackets, special characters) are ignored. Each word is then looked up in GeneLynx index table.

Advanced Search

 The Advanced text search can be accessed from Text Search page. It is meant to be used in the cases when you can not formulate the query precisely enough by using Quick Search, or for searching specific numeric identifiers.


The terms can be combined with "AND" (lists the records that contain all identifiers), "OR" (lists the records that contain either one of the given identifiers), or "BUTNOT" (lists the records that contain the first identifier, but none of the identifiers below).

BLAST Search

GeneLynx provides a basic BLAST search utility specifically designed for retrieving GeneLynx records.