Acanthocephales Species

Acanthocephales Species

Acanthocephales Species

Acanthocephales And Identified Species

This is a book about Acanthocephales in general and also the separated and identified species of Acanthocephales in Iran fishes and other animals(Including Carnivores,Birds ,Boar) and also the only species that have been reported from Human in Iran.It seems that most of Acanthocephales in iran exist in the fishes species.
Sure we know that it has many defects and we hope to complete it in the next edition(hopefully in next fall),somewhat because it was going to being published one year a go but because of the honesty!!! of the publishing company it was published just two month ago(Sep 2008).
Hope all the readers give us their comments, recommendations and general idea about the book.
It is the only book about acanthocephales of iran.It includes 160 pages and 4 colored pages of 17 colored photos.


It has 7 chapters including:

1-Phylum Acanthocephles general characteristics
2-Phylum Acanthocephala ecology
3- Phylum Acanthocephala pathology
4-Host immunity interactions
5- Characteristics of identified species of acanthocephales in Iran fishes
6-Identified acanthocephales of other animals(other than fishes)in Iran
7-Prophylaxis and infection control in acanthocephalan infections


For buying all interested can simply send an email and ask for bank account to pay the cost and receive the book. (

Cost: 25000 Riyals (+post cost: 25000 Riyals)
5 USD (+postal cost: 45 USD)


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