Parasites History

Parasites History


#Parasite's NameHistoryReferences
1 Ascaris lumbricoides

-Eggs were found in Human coprolites in  Peru dating from 2277 BC and Brazil from about 1660 to 1420 BC -Middle kingdom Egyptian mummy dating from 1938 to 1600 BC -China in the Ming Dynasty between AD 1368 and 1644 -17th Century detailed anatomy by Edward Tyson (UK) and shortly afterward by Francesco Redi(Italy)

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2 Babesia

-It was seen for the first time by Bob in Romania ,inside cattle rbs in 1888

3 Clonorchis sinensis

-First recognized by James McConnell in Human in 1857 -Snail host was recognized by Masatomo Muto in 1918 -Second intermediate host was recognized by Kobayashi

4 Echinococcus granulosus

1852- Life cycle of Echinococcus granulosus was determined by Von Siebold

5 Entamoeba coli

-It was first identified by Lewis in 1870

6 Entamoeba gingivalis

-It was reported by Gros in 1849

7 Leishmaniasis

-Ibn Sina (Avicenna) wrote of it as Balkh Sore

8 Lice(Nitzsch,Christian Ludwig)

(September 3, 1782 – August 16, 1837)He was a German zoologist. He was professor of zoology at the University of Halle. While his primary interest lay in Ornithology, Nitzsch published studies on other topics, including Diatoms (the diatom genus Nitzchia is named after him). He is also widely credited with producing the first systematic zoological [...]

9 Mesocestoides corti

1925-It was first described from the Intestine of Mice by Hoeppli (Ref. : Etges, F.J. ,Marinakis ,V., 1991)

10 Mesocestoides lineatus

It was found in Dogs by Goeze in 1782 (Ref. :  Eom, K.S. et al , 1992)

11 Neospora caninum

-It was first identified in Dogs (Dubey et al. , 1988)

12 Opisthorchis

-First record in Human by Konstantin Wingradoff in 1892 -Snail and fish hosts and their roles  in the life cycle were discovered by Hans Vogel in 1934

13 Schistosoma haematobium

1851- Adult worms were found in the vesical veins bu Bilharz in Cairo

14 Schistosoma japonicum

1904- Adult was found Katsurada

15 Schistosoma mansoni

-In 1902 Manson reported a patient with schistosomiasis acquired in the Western hemisphere;the eggs were in the stool,not in the urine,and had lateral spines

16 Screwworm

In the 1950s, the screwworm fly was eradicated from the Caribbean island of Curacao using males sterilised by radiation.

17 Wuchereria bancrofti

1876- Adults were found in Lymph glands by Bancroft ,surprisingly in Australia

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