Tick Comments

Tick Comments


How a tick attacks a human?

Tick on grass


Can Ticks climb on the grass?

Yes they can very well climb.

They spend their time all summer waiting for victims, hosts, children, walkers, humans, dogs, sheep, cat on a grass strawl.



Why should I wear wellies, high boots or high socks walking in the grass or forest where ticks live?

It is very dangerouse to walk barefeet into the forest or grass where ticks live. Lime disease is a very dangerouse disease only curable with heavy antibiotics.





Ticks are nearly invisible impossible to avoid, it is advised to always protect your legs when walking in nature.

Lots of TV programs show irresponsible behaviour.



Tick waiting to attack



Can a tick bite through  clothing?

Yes they can but it is less frequent. naked skin is the biggest cause of Lime disease that is caused by the ticks in these pictures



Do Ticks cause always Lime disease?

No they dont, in some regions lime disease is rare and some people are stronger than others and do not get after a tick bite Lime disease.

Myself I have had 10 bites in Belgium Leuven and Germany Aachen and never had Lime



How to remove an attached Tick?

It is very difficult, Their mouth claws are deaply anchered in your skin.

Add a chemical they do mot like and they will losen their claws. 

Bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii are present in some ticks and transmitted to humans through the bite of these infected blacklegged ticks.

If you just take them out, their claws will remain into your skin and more likely cause Borreliosis.

So after 60 or 120 seconds of chimicals, like petrol, alcohol,  perfume, soap, salt, whiskey, rakia, Wodka or Vodka you need to take them as far as possible.


How do I take a tick as far as possible to keep his jaws in the tick and not into my skin?

this is very difficult. After chemical incubation use a tweezer, forceps, pincette, long wonmans nails, 2 knife blades to squeeze the tick and slowly take it out while turning 45 degrees left and right.

This can save your life when an infected tick is sucking your blood.








Are all ticks Lime infected?

No fortunately not!




How do I recognise a tick?

they have different looks colors and forms. Whatch closely I the pricture I posted before gining into nature.


Whach your children, family and friends skin after a walk to make sure no tick in harming.

A tick that freshly attached rarely causes Lime while a bite of several hours is much more dangerouse!



Can I toutch a tick?

Yes there is no danger in holding a tick. The bite can be dangerouse! Yes very dangerouse for your health and life so be very much prepared as today 2022 more people are inconsiousely walking in nature and on TV lots af irresponsible behaviour is promoted.


Can my dog get ill from a tick bite?

Yes dogs, cats even mice can carry and die from Lime disease caused by Boressiosis!


Dogs with ticks can be a source for humans getting Lime disease too. Always remove ticks.


Canine tick.


Are canine ticks the same species as human ticks?

Yes they are! And they carry the same disease for humans and dogs: line disease.


How to remove a tick in my dog or cat?

Just uce a pincette or tweezer or forceps to firmly take the tick and slowly trear it out.


Is there a Tick removing tweezer?

Yes but it is marketing andy tweezer will remove a tick. No need to spend extra money.



Ticks cause Borelliosis


Ticks are present on all wild mammals.


How to prevent Ticks?

For cattle sheep and farm animals farmers use Ivermectin to kill these.


If the farmer forget to treat his animals they also can carry Lime disease.


I hope I did not scare you too much not too little?

I am Lieven Gevaert, Bio-engineer of the University of Ghent. I have 5 children and live in the forest around Leuven.

We have lots of times be bitten by ticks and because I did not find the right information I decided to publish my experience with tick bites to prevent more people to behave irresponsible. Lime is a dangerouse disease. Ticks are there to be avoided as well as Covid. There is not vaccine against Lime so protecting your body with clothes and socks and high boots is very important. It is so nice to walk bare feet in the grass but it is a trap! You can pay this with getting Borellia.

Lieven Gevaet bio-ir


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