300Women Who changed the World

Although there are many of such women from our country that unfortunately havent been mentioned in this list,but it is a interesting list.


You can see Ebadi,Shirin( http://www.britannica.com/women/article-9398568 ),Fatimah(Daughter  of Islam prophet Mohammad)( http://www.britannica.com/women/article-9033822 ),Aishah (http://www.britannica.com/women/article-9005229) and Khadijah(http://www.britannica.com/women/article-9045239 )in this list,that we know them well in Iran.

For millennia, women have left their mark on the world, at times changing the course of history and at other times influencing small but significant spheres of life. Only in the past century, however, have concerted efforts been made to represent women’s contributions more fully in history books. Consequently, changes in status for many women in modern times—the right to own property, to vote, and to choose their own careers—may obscure the accomplishments made by women of earlier eras. In selecting 300 influential women, Encyclopædia Britannica has included both contemporary women who are changing today’s world and those whose contributions have endured through the ages.Not all of these women changed the world for the good. Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl produced propaganda films that glorified Adolf Hitler’s brutal Third Reich. Many suffered through the deeds of Jiang Qing, who fought bitterly to advance her own political powers during China’s Cultural Revolution.

Learn about 300 women who changed the world—review their accomplishments, locate their birthplaces, and discover the eras in which they lived.